Baidu Eye: China’s Search Giant Confirms Own Smartglasses

Baidu, Google’s fiercest search engine rival in China, has confirmed that it is developing its take on Google Glass code named Baidu Eye. Although it is conceptually similar to Google’s augmented-reality-enhanced eye wear (pictured), the Baidu Eye will have different capabilities like revealing relevant information based on a photo, as well as image search and Mandarin speech recognition.

Kaiser Kuo, Baidu’s director of international communications, has confirmed the rumors to about the wearable device to Mashable after several reports emerged on Chinese tech sites. He also admits that the Eye would be similar to Google Glass in that it is also an “ocular wearable interface.”

A prototype version of the Baidu Eye has been developed and a photo of it being worn by an unidentified employee was leaked online. But for now, Baidu has no plans of bringing the device to the manufacturing stage. However, the company will evaluate whether the device will have a fighting chance at the market.

“We’re doing some internal testing on it now on a small scale, and evaluating where this goes from here,” Kuo says in an interview. “That’s why we didn’t make any public official announcement on this.”

He admits that the company decided to comment publicly about the Baidu Eye after inaccurate details appeared in some reports, which he says can be blamed on “an April Fool’s prank gone awry.”

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Source: Tech In Asia, via Mashable

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