BACTrack Breathalyzer

If you are a breathalyzer fan and you want to have your own piece, you may want to opt for having the BACTrack breathalyzer. If you have driven while under the influence of alcohol, then this gadget may not be alien to you.

Used by the police to determine whether you have high alcohol content in your bloodstream, this gizmo is not different at all when it comes to operating. It is just the same. But the purpose of having this with you is to determine if you yourself are safe to go behind the wheel after downing several bottles of beer.

We believe this is personal safety at its best. Think of this as being a step ahead the cops if you are thinking of driving after having a booze. The BACTrack breathalyzer needs calibration after 1 year to retain its accuracy.

Operating this gadget is not at all rocket science. All you have to do is press the button, wait for the beeping sound and blow hard at the blue light. Direct contact with the mouthpiece is not at all necessary so you can share it with everyone else.

The BACTrack Breathalyzer contains a manual and requires two AA batteries. It costs at about $79.99 and is available in online sites like

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