Back To The Future Desktop Hoverboard

Back To The Future Desktop HoverboardMany gadgets are sometimes inspired by the movies or television shows. The design of the touchscreen tablet that we know now may have been inspired by similar gadgets used in many science fiction movies and television shows in the 1960’s. There are still other similar gadgets in the movies that many people wish is now possible. One of them is the hoverboard from the movie Back to the Future franchise. There is just that appeal to this futuristic mode of personal transportation that people are longing to have one. Unfortunately, the technology today may not yet be that developed to have one available for the masses. But that does not mean one cannot hope owning one. If just to remind you of its coolness factor, you can have this Back To The Future Desktop Hoverboard instead.

The Back To The Future Desktop Hoverboard is a simple yet interesting reminder of something you might want to own if ever it becomes available. If not, it makes a good conversation piece with visiting family members or colleague. It is a mini hoverboard that actually floats on air. Well, actually it floats on a specialized base fixed with a bed of magnets. Watch it move back and forth in its place and imagine if you have the real thing with you. There’s no harm in dreaming right? This Back To The Future Desktop Hoverboard will help you reinforce your wish to have one. Who knows, maybe this positive reinforcement can fire up an idea within you that will help develop that real hoverboard in the future. For now, you can have this Back To The Future Desktop Hoverboard for $40 at Think Geek.
Image Source: Think Geek

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