Babolat Play: World’s first connected tennis racquet

Babolat Play

Babolat Play

Sports such as tennis has become very competitive, players not only train to become the best, but also know what weaknesses they have to train more. As the International Tennis Federation modifies its rule (effective New Year’s Day) allowing athletes to use player analysis technologies during official competitions, sporting goods companies seize the oppportunity to show off the future of the sport.

Racquet manufacturer Babolat debuts its first connected tennis racket. The Babolat Play, with a retail price of $399, is equipped with sensors on the handle. It collects data about the player’s swing such as power, endurance, technique, and ball impact. That information is then relayed to the racket’s accompanying mobile app, where players and coaches can analyze each skill, helping the athletes improve on how they play.

“Tennis won’t be only based on sensations or feeling anymore, but on concrete information,” Eric Babolat, president and CEO, tells Mashable. “The more you know about your game, the better you perform.”

Babolat Play

Technology that analyzes athletes has become beneficial to runners and bikers, who have utilized tracking apps and wearable gadgets that monitors their performance and progress.

The Babolat Play mobile app displays a full overview of how the player’s game evolve over time, as well as how they fare against other users. There is also an online community where players interact at recreational and competitive levels.

This connected tennis racket is now available at Babolat dealers across the United States.

Source: Mashable

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