Axis Vidius – World’s Smallest FPV Drone

Axis VidiusRemote controlled flying drones have become quite popular toys among adults, if you consider them as toys. Well, let’s consider them as “serious” toys then instead of “fun”. Regardless whether these drones are fun or serious toys, the newer ones out there now come in different features and shapes. But the drones that usually get more attention are those small ones. Their sizes make them unique as well as one of the more advanced drones around. If you are considering how small these flying drones can get and what they can do, then you should try looking at the new Axis Vidius.

The new Axis Vidius is not considered to be the world’s smallest quad-copter drone. That distinction belongs to its cousin, the Axis Aerius, which is just small enough to balance on your finger. But the new Axis Vidius also has its own distinction to be proud of- it is the world’s smallest First Person View drone.

The new Axis Vidius is not the world’s smallest partly due to its built-in WiFi video camera. But this allows the tiny drone to capture and stream 420p video over a direct WiFi connection as it flies. This diminutive drone features a four-channel 2.54GHz controller that allows users to control it from up to 100 feet away. Users can also prefer using the accompanying app for Android and iOS devices to control the drone using touchscreen controls.

The Axis Vidius comes in at a 4.3cm x 4.3cm x 2.5cm dimensions, making truly one of the tiniest drones out there. Despite its size, it is still powerful enough to give you 5 to 7 minutes of flight time for every 20-minute charge of its 150mAh battery. Don’t forget that power is shared with its built-in video camera.

The Axis Vidius also comes with 6-axis Gyro Stabilization that keeps it stable and balanced while in fight. a pre-programmed “Trick Mode” allows it to make amazing flips and rolls in the air. The free Vidius drone app allows users to conveniently share captured videos through social media, blogs, email and more. The new Axis Vidius is available for pre-order sale rate of $75 until January 7. After that, pre-orders will cost you $95. The first Axis Vidius drones are expected to be shipped by the end of the month.

Image Source: Axis Drones

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