Avitron V2.0 RC Flying Bird

A bird in flight is a thing of beauty. You sometimes wonder just how those avian wonders get into the air and stay there. The smaller the birds get, the more amazing they are. Where do they get the energy to remain in the air for so long and with their bodies so small? It is interesting how the mechanics of flight apply into these diminutive creatures. It would even be more interesting if you can somehow teach them to do trick for you. But since that is next to impossible, you might just consider to control their flight. The closest thing to that is by playing with this Avitron V2.0 RC Flying Bird.

The Avitron V2.0 RC Flying Bird is a unique bionic bird that flies just like a bird. It takes flight by flapping its wings similar to what a true bird does. This robotic bird may pose a challenge to control the first time using its remote control. It features an adjustable speed motor that helps to control this RC bird effectively.

The Avitron V2.0 RC Flying Bird is made of durable EPP body and CFRP wing ribs. It requires six AA batteries to fly, which is placed on the toy’s remote control. The remote control also acts as the toy’s charger. A12-minute charge on the remote control charger is enough to provide 8 minutes worth of flying time for the bird. It is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, space permitting. Kids from 10 years old and above can play with the robot toy, since controlling its flight require some bit of instruction and practice to master. The Avitron V2.0 RC Flying Bird is available at ThinkGeek for US$100.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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