AViiQ USB Portable Charging Station

Portable device charging on the go has become just as important as having devices with long lasting batteries. It seems that no matter how long the battery life of a device goes, there will always be times when it might need a bit of a charge while on the road. And for those who carry multiple portable devices with them, carrying this AViiQ USB Portable Charging Station won’t be a problem since it complements all the other multiple devices a user already brings along.

The AViiQ USB Portable Charging Station is a handy charging hub that lets users charge multiple devices simultaneously. It comes with a 5200maH lithium polymer battery pack and with a 4-port USB charging hub. It comes inside a handy leather pouch and is just 11″ long, easily fitting into any bag you carry. When any of your portable devices need power, you can just plug it into the AViiQ USB Portable Charging Station. It is available at AViiQ for US$170.

Image Source: AViiQ

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