Avegant Glyph Personal Theater Headset

Avegant GlyphThere are devices out there that aim to lead some form of innovation in the industry. Some devices just try to improve on what may already be available out there. Then there are devices that seem to stand somewhere in the middle of all this. For the Avegant Glyph Personal Theater Headset, this may just be the case.

The Avegant Glyph is a type of headset that you just cannot really put a finger into something specific in the market today. You may consider it as an audio headset with its premium quality noise-canceling features. But then, it comes with a flip down headband that adjusts right into your line of sight to transform into a personal video display. Then, it becomes one of those VR headsets that are becoming popular recently. But it is not, in any way, the same. So in a way, you really cannot determine at first glance where the Avegant Glyph belongs. It is something that you think is already in the market. But then again, you may think that there is nothing quite like it yet.

The best category you can place the Avegant Glyph is as a personal display device. It comes with a virtual retinal display that uses micro mirror projection technology. This allows the device to project images directly into a person’s retina. This results in a display that can mimic the way human eyes naturally see light. The result is more vivid, sharper and clearer images unlike users have seen before. This may be a portable way to enjoy watching videos and movies with high definition quality in a small form factor. Couple it with premium audio and you have for yourself a portable personal theater. The Avegant Glyph also has head tracking support, allowing users to view 360-degree photoscapes and even 360-degree videos. But it does not yet offer an immersive experience like other VR headsets out there.

What makes it convenient to use is that users can connect the Avegant Glyph can connect to media players via a simple HDMI connection. It is easy for users to watch HD movies from a media player or even from a capable smartphone. The Avegant Glyph is still at the prototype production phase. But when these devices do become available in the market, it is expected to cost around $600, the price range for the current prototypes now available out there.

Image Source: Avegant

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