Avaak Vue Personal Video Network

vue personal video network

With the rising incidence of criminal activities, more and more people are availing of home security surveillance systems. However, most of these systems are difficult to install and to set-up, have very complicated features, and a tag price that puts off budget consumers. Now Avaak has unveiled the Vue Personal Video Network, a simple and economical home security system.

One major highlight of the Vue is that it offers multiple cameras and a base station without the annoying wires, which allow you to view feeds online. Each room video monitoring is powered by a lithium CR123 battery, rated at one million pictures or about 10 minutes of video daily for a year before the power expires. You will not hear any sound, but the cameras film in VGA at 10 frames every second with a 640 x 480 resolution.

The Vue Personal Video Network uses FrameMesh, a 2.4GHz network that links to either a base station or an extra camera as far as 50 feet away. The cameras themselves do not stick to the wall. For each camera, you need a magnetic mount that you can either screw or stick to the wall. This makes it a lot easier to move the camera around.

The absence of motion sensor is the major drawback of this home security system. Unfortunately, you are stuck checking stuff out whenever you think that something might be wrong. The Vue Personal Video Network with two cameras is priced at $299 and extra cameras cost $99.

Image Source: Avaak

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