Automatic Shadow Caddy

shadow caddy

The introduction of newer technology is inevitable, and the best that we can do is to adapt it in our way of life. For instance, our beloved game of golf has experienced a lot of major changes over the past several years. You have design upgrades on golf clubs, the invention of remote-controlled buggies, and now an automated golf caddy that follow you wherever you go.

The three-wheeled Shadow Caddy is fully automatic. All you need to do is to put your heavy golf bag onto the Shadow Caddy’s cart, and let the device loyally follow you around the green. You do not even have to give a tip after every hole. The Shadow Caddy works without joysticks, remote controls, or manual operation, but by having the golfer wear a pocket-sized transmitter that helps the caddy navigate safely and accurately.

This robotic machine communicates with its multiple on-board CPUs and even has its own collision detection system that keeps an eye out for any obstacles. But just in case it accidentally gets into a jam, simply press the reverse button and it will back out of any trouble with you steering the caddy. It can withstand the baking-hot and even freezing-cold temperatures. You could also set the caddy into "park mode" when you do not feel to have it follow your every move.

The Shadow Caddy even became a finalist in Next Big Thing Awards, Australia’s biggest invention competition. As of now, you cannot buy your own Shadow Caddy, but it is available to the general public on a rental basis in different golf courses in Australia and maybe (someday) in your local area.

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