Automatic Plant Watering System


There are many concerns that people going on long vacation trips have to deal with. One of them is watering the plants while they are away. This can be a problem especially if one can’t depend on somebody else to do the job for them. It is a good thing that technology may now provide some help in the form of the automatic Plant Watering System.

The Automatic Plant Watering System is actually a simple automatic watering device that can do the plant watering for you while you are away. Just place the battery operated pump on a large container filled with water. The pump then has connected water tubing that can be placed for up to ten plants.

The Automatic Plant Watering System can then be programmed to use a certain amount of water at scheduled intervals from 5 times a day or once a week. It has an LCD display to show the settings and requires 4 AA batteries in order to function. The Automatic Plant Watering System is available at SkyMall for US$40.

Image Source: SkyMall

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