AuraSound Sound Station

Although portable media devices have become quite common and popular nowadays, the best means to listen to them is by using good quality headphones. That won’t do with some people who look for better sound quality that they know some portable media devices are even capable of. For selective audiophiles, the new AuraSound Sound Station may just be able to satisfy such high regard for sound quality.

The new AuraSound Sound Station is being introduced as the world’s first universal media player. It has the features that can unleash the full potential of digital media in a compact device. The AuraSound Sound Station is designed to provide excellent audio quality by using advanced amplifier and driver technology. It is touted as a universal media layer in that it can support a number of multiple media devices as well as offer a wide range of features.

The AuraSound Sound Station features a powerful sound system with a 7 inch color touch screen display. It also works as an iPod/iPhone dock, a digital picture frame, Internet Radio, alarm clock and video player. The AuraSound Sound Station already provides a complete integrated solution is just a single device. It has recently been introduced in the market although no date has yet been provided for its release. Its pricing details have not yet been given as well.

Image Source: AuraSound

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