Aura Retinal Projection Computer

When you think of a personal computer, most people already have an idea what you are talking about. The basic identifiable one usually has a display screen and an input device or keyboard attached to it. At least that is what people have in mind. But the future may offer another uniquely different concept of what a computer will be with the likes of the Aura Retinal Projection Computer.  

The Aura Retinal Projection Computer is a unique concept of what a future computer will be. It looks like just a typical keyboard to someone who might see it. But it is actually the very computer itself. There is no longer a display screen to look at or to carry along, making it highly portable. The Aura Retinal Projection Computer concept is just the size of a typical keyboard with haptic feedback features. In place of a display screen, this computer concept relies on retinal projection for display. The device fixed on topmost part of the keyboard projects images directly into the user’s retina, doing away with a physical screen. Infrared light and sensors keep track of the user’s gaze, sight patterns, and analyzes reflection patterns or ensure that it produces crystal clear projection into the retina within the viewing range. Simply put, your eye movements will be enough to control the cursor and move it around.  

On the right side of the Aura Retinal Projection Computer is a trackpad and an adaptive input surface that can also perform the functions of a computer mouse. There is no more need for users to bring along a computer mouse since a similar function is already built-in to the Aura. The concept is also designed for improved repairability since most users may be able to access or replace some of the more important parts when needed such as the batteries. Recharging the Aura Retinal Projection Computer makes use of a magnetic inductive surface connector to recharge the batteries. There will be no more issues or concerns trying to align prongs to ports when recharging the device. The Aura Retinal Projection Computer is more of a unique concept for the computer of the future. But it does give you an interesting insight of how future computers may look like. 

Image Source: Yanko Design 

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