AUO Smartphone With The World’s Narrowest Screen Border

With many smartphones competing for attention in a very tight market, it pays to have something that the other smartphones are not able to offer. It may not necessarily be features inasmuch as stylish design. Uniqueness in any case becomes a selling point. And for the new AUO Smartphone, it is having the narrowest screen border for smartphones to date.

AU Optronics Corp. or AUO recently announced its new smartphone touted to have the world’s narrowest border for its display screen. This new 4.46-inch cell phone makes use of AUO’s proprietary super narrow border technology and the use of the low temperature poly-silicone method that allows a reduction for the border to an incredible 1mm when the touch panel is placed in the surface. This allows for the screen to appear at its largest at the cell phone’s display area. It also allows smartphone makers to design smaller handset sizes without having to lessen screen area.

The AUO smartphone is possibly just a proof of concept device that will show other smartphone makers that it is possible to create displays with the narrowest borders. AUO is geared towards getting the attention of manufacturers who might see the benefits of its slim panel displays for creating the next generation of portable devices. If so, expect the next smartphones to compete with who might have the narrowest borders for their display screens.

Image Source: AU Optronics Inc.

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