August Smart Lock Uses Smartphones to Open Doors

There have been advanced security locks in the market that open doors with a fingerprint, by typing in a code, or even with your own iris. Most of them, however, are a tad too expensive to be installed in one’s home. Thankfully one company decides to make home security a bit more sophisticated thanks to the August Smart Lock.

Expected to be available within this year, the August Smart Lock allows homeowners secure their door through the Internet using their smartphones. It prevents unwanted visitors, while providing access to friends and family, even for a short period, all while you are away. The $199 system features a base station that attaches to your door’s interior side, as well as deadbolt adapters and faceplates that are compatible with 90 percent of locks already available in the market.

The device unlocks doors just by sensing the homeowner’s smartphone. They do not have to bring their handsets out of their pockets, which prevents thieves from getting ideas. The August Smart Lock uses Bluetooth to connect to its compatible iOS and Android app. Through this app, homeowners can issue encrypted “keys” to family, friends, and services in their phone’s contacts. These keys can be temporary, lasting only for a few hours of door access, which you can provide to your cleaning lade; or make it permanent for family members.

The August Smart Lock installs without any wiring involved and uses standard batteries for power. You can use a standard door key in case the batteries die and you did not take heed in the notifications about changing them.

This smart device also provides homeowners a log record of who goes in and out of the August Smart Lock-enabled door and at what time they gained entry, which can be accessed either through the owner’s phone or in a computer.

The August Smart Lock now accepts reservations in its official website.

Source: Mashable

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