Audyssey Audio Dock

Docking stations for the ever popular iPhone or iPod are now a dime a dozen. It usually now depends on how good the sound output of a certain system provides that is usually important for people to choose them. And with the features by the Audyssey Audio Dock, it may not get any better.

The Audyssey Audio Dock features innovative technology that is known for excellent audio quality worldwide. This docking station features Two 4-inch subwoofers, two .75-inch tweeters and four discrete amplifiers. It also features Bluetooth support for wireless streaming as well as USB 2.0. It also has a built-in speakerphone feature and can be used for making VoIP’s with its integrated mics. You can further check it out at the Audyssey site if you wish to learn more about it.

Image Source: Audyssey

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