Audojo: iPad Case for Gamers

Statistics from Flurry Analytics show that 67% of all activity on iPads involve gaming, but there are not a lot of covers that cater to such. We have seen iPad covers that can stand up for better conferencing, that comes with a keyboard for some productive stuff, that can protect against the elements, or even carry two iPads, but none that would make holding the tablet comfortably as you tilt the device side-to-side while playing Temple Run 2.

A Kickstarter project promises to give you better control on your iPad gaming. The Audojo case for iPad comes with joysticks and buttons can turn your tablet into the “ultimate gaming machine.”

Audojo makes up for the cons of iPad when it comes to gaming. This iPad case, which can fit iPads 2 through 4, gives precise control with the help of actual analog joysticks, as well as two physical buttons that you will badly need in first-person shooter games. There are also stereo speakers installed just above the joysticks to compensate for the single tinny speaker on the iPad, as well as two headphone jacks.

Not only does Audojo enhances your gameplay experience on the iPad, but it also supports AirPlay. This case can let you send videos being streamed on the iPad to a larger screen that supports such technology.

So far, this Kickstarter project has a long way to go to accomplish their $240,000 funding goal and they have 22 days to go as of this posting.

Source: Kickstarter, via Mashable

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