AudioVox DPF710K Audio Homebase Message Center

The AudioVox DPF710K Audio Homebase is quite a unique device that may just be quite useful around the home. It works as both a digital picture frame as well as an audio message center. Not only will it display your family pictures but can also double as a message center at the home where family members can leave out messages and reminders to each other.

The AudioVox Audio Homebase features a 7 inch LCD display which can show your favorite digital photos. It has a 512MB worth of memory for all your digital photos storage needs. It also has a built-in digital calendar and clock. Not only that, its design features a board that allows you to write up reminders using a dry erase marker. It also has space for putting up your Post It reminders to family members. If that is not enough, you can also record audio instructions and reminders into the AudioVox Audio Homebase to get your point clearer if written notes would not suffice. This unique home gadget is available at Amazon for around US$30.

Image Source: AudioVox

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