Audi A8 2011 to include Google Earth

Audi A8 2011 with Google Earth

The Audi A8 2011 luxury car is set to include a built-in navigation system as part of its Multi Media Interface system.  This in-dashboard GPS will include Google Earth and a GPRS/ EDGE modem.  This would be the first time Google’s navigation application will be made available in a production vehicle.

Google Earth provides the driver access to GPS-based searches for local services, plan out trips using Google Maps, as well as map out a three-dimensional view of their surroundings displayed on the LCD display.  The navigation data is also analyzed and relayed to all A8’s systems, which includes the automatic cruise control, the adaptive lights, and the eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Meanwhile, the modem would also let the driver download updates for its navigation unit.  It is unsure, however, whether it will come free or with a fee.

Expect the Audi A8 2011 to invade the showrooms come mid-2010.

Image source:  Autoblog

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