AT&T 3G Microcell

AT&T Microcell Femtocell

Reports have been sprouting that AT&T’s 3G Microcell femtocell, a mini cell tower that connects to the service provide through broadband and aims to improve indoor network coverage, will become available in some key markets in the United States in a couple of weeks.  Although a full list of cities has not been officially announced, the cities of Atlanta, San Antonio, and Seattle are specifically included in the reports.

According to the report, the second largest US wireless carrier by subscriber base has been conducting field trials of the 3G Microcell in several areas before it is released nationwide by the end of 2009.  Among the benefits of femtocell technology includes low-cost unlimited in-home voice calling plan and reduced monthly communication expenses.

Do note that other service providers are also scrambling to get a hold of this emerging technology.  Sprint Nextel first offered femtocells through its AIRAVE brand in August 2008, while Verizon launched their femtocell products in early 2009.  What makes AT&T’s femtocell service stand out, however, is its ability to support 3G data applications as well as 2G handsets.

AT&T has yet to comment on the report, so let’s wait and see.

Image source:  AT&T

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