Atomic Floyd Air Jax Earphones

Atomic Floyd Air Jax

Almost every gadget and accessory seems to have its own luxurious version. For a portable mp3 player, one may now have other luxurious options to choose from. These gadgets especially cater to those with money to spend and want to stand out among the rest, thanks to their very deep pockets.

The luxury gadget market may be considered a small niche, but it does have the more financially capable customers around, not to mention the most discriminating. It is no wonder why Atomic Floyd have come up with their own line of luxury gadgets in a niche that other companies may have overlooked- the common earphones.

Sure, most people would never have thought of having earphones that may cost as much as the gadget that connects to it. But Atomic Floyd tries to give this some justice by bringing along innovative technology on their side. With the Atomic Floyd Air Jax earphones for example, you are getting more than what you might expect.

The Atomic Floyd earphones are equipped with ear hooks made out of flexible titanium that allows a better fit for your ears. The mix of special materials, world class acoustics and innovative technologies make the Atomic Floyd Air Jax a pair of earphones that simply exudes quality and luxury. And for a price of 129 UK pounds, it is an earphone that not everyone can have for the heck of it.

Image Source: Atomic Floyd

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