ASUS Zen Watch

ASUS Zen WatchSmart watches have become the new in thing nowadays. Well actually, the idea may not have taken off as fast as it should be. But people are now noticing that such gadgets may find a place in their daily lives after all. Smartwatches provide added conveniences to an already convenient life. And that is not bad. That simply means people are even more time on their hands to do other more meaningful things. A smartwatch like the new ASUS Zen Watch aims to provide these conveniences in a device that takes on a more classic stance.

Looking into the new ASUS Zen Watch and you may think of it as just an ordinary watch. Its classic design makes it appear that it is simply a wristwatch that everybody likes to wear. But underneath comes features that provide more than just a way to tell time.

The new ASUS Zen Watch is one of the very first watches to come with the Android Wear, an operating system geared towards upcoming devices that people wear. The Zen Watch can be paired with your Android smartphone via Bluetooth to act as your phone’s extension. Whenever you receive a text, you do not need to fish out your smartphone to read a message. You can do that through the 1.6-inch curved touchscreen display of your Zen Watch. You can also use it to answer calls or create text messages. You can even mute incoming calls to avoid disturbing your meeting by simply putting your hand over the watch display.

The new ASUS Zen Watch also works as a wellness device able to monitor and keep track of your health-related data such as the number of steps you take, calories burned and your heart rate. You can also learn about information through your Zen Watch, which is also designed to recognize even voice commands. The smart device features are no longer just in your hands. It can also be on your wrist. The ASUS Zen Watch is available at Google Play for $200.

Image Source: ASUS

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