Asus Wooden Casing Laptops

Asus Wooden Casing Laptop

Asus has recently come out with a series of attractive laptops with a unique wooden casing during the CeBit 2008 exhibit in Taiwan. The Asus Bamboo Concept Series of laptops aims to merge the old with the new in a product that more and more people have come to use on a daily basis, the ever popular laptop.

The Asus Bamboo Concept Laptop series makes use of the bamboo as an alternative material instead of the usual plastic in the manufacture of their laptops. For some, this might be a good means of using a renewable resource or material in manufacturing laptops which can be a unique approach to the preserving the environment. To some it might look as just a means to chop trees in order to make such laptops.

In whichever case one may take, the Asus Wooden Casing laptops seem to catch some attention at the CeBit 2008. Since, it is still considered as a concept product, time will tell if this laptop series may either take off or go bust. The designs are truly attractive since it is not often that one sets an eye on a wooden laptop.

Image Source: Asus



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