Asus Unveils the VivoMouse Trackpad and Mouse Hybrid

When you think about the computer mouse, you already have an idea what it is. The design of the ordinary PC mouse has not changed over the years. This applies to the various features that it offers. Aside from an additional button here or there, the computer mouse’s main functions remain largely unchanged. One reason may be that the device has satisfied the needs of the users quite well that there is no need for radical changes to it. But then again, exploring other design alternatives for the mouse will not do any harm. That is probably why Asus is unveiling a unique mouse design with its new Asus VivoMouse.

The Asus VivoMouse is a unique take on the conventional computer mouse. This unique computer peripheral acts as a standalone touchpad. Asus says that it is the world’s first wireless mouse with an integrated multi-touchpad hybrid. It is both designed for desktop PC and for handheld control. The innovative design of the Asus VivoMouse makes it work differently from the usual mouse and yet provide smooth and accurate pointing functions.

Instead of the usual point-and-click mouse, the Asus VivoMouse acts as a standalone multi-touchpad that supports pinch-to-zoom and twist-to-rotate features now common in many touch screen devices. This unique mouse works wirelessly using 2.4GHz RF connection. The Asus VivoMouse also acts as a wireless remote for PCs. The Asus VivoMouse is slated to be available sometime in the third quarter of this year. Pricing details are not yet available.

Image Source: Asus

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