Asus U6S Ultraportable Notebook

Asus U6S ultraportable notebook

The Asus U6S is marketed as a jewel of a notebook that seems to have some added sparkle to light up any computing experience. Well, at least that is how its makers try to sell their new product to consumers.

This Asus notebook seems to thrive on exquisite design and styling as one of its main selling points. After all, today’s notebook users consider looks just as much as the features.

Clean and simple lines compliment the beauty of the Asus U6S notebook. The beauty comes with a look that is more structured and durable. It is fitted with a leather bound palm rest for added softness and comfortable computing experience. This feature is quite an interesting addition not only to styling but also to its function.

Feature wise, the Asus U6S uses the Intel Core 2 Duo processor which makes it quite capable as an entertainment based notebook. This notebook also supports 3G wireless connection with its HSDPA wireless broadband connection capabilities which improves 3G download speeds for up to 4 times the usual speed.

The Asus U6S also comes equipped with a complete solution to allow total video communication wirelessly with its LiteFrame, SmartLogon and Virtual Camera technologies. This notebook is available at Amazon for US$ 1,743.

Image Source: Asus

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