ASUS Teases Upcoming "3D-Capable" and "Phone-Tablet" Devices

ASUS has been teasing about its upcoming products, which will be unveiled next week during Computex in Taipei. Apart from the tablet-type Eee Pad MeMo, which is expected to be launched in June, the company apparently has other tricks up its sleeve.

One teaser poster promises “A Tablet That Jumps Out At You,” which may indicate that ASUS would offer a 3D-capable tablet. Meanwhile, another image features a larger tablet beside a silhouette of a smartphone. “Pad or Phone? How About Both,” the poster states. Some tech bloggers say that it could be a smartphone with a laptop dock, converting it into a full-functioning tablet.

But then again, wasn’t Samsung Galaxy S supposed to be a tablet that also works as a smartphone? We hope ASUS would not let our high expectations down.

Source: Engadget

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