Asus Reveals Colored E-Book Reader

Asus DR-570 colored e-book reader

Asus officially joined in the e-book reader craze as it leaked about its upcoming DR-570 ebook reader.  What sets this reader apart, though, is that it will come out with an OLED screen, bringing in color to the otherwise drabness of black and white e-ink displays.

What we know so far is that the Asua DR-570 has a six-inch OLED color screen that is capable of running Flash video, thanks to its WiFi or 3G connectivity options.  The company also brags that the product will run for up to 122 hours in one battery charge.

The big difference is not just the colored screen, but OLED does not provide a shadowy effect and its pixels illuminate by itself instead of requiring a backlit display in order to see what’s on it.

Word on the rumor mill says that we might not be able to see this by the end of 2010, but Asus can release products a bit too early than usual.

Image source:  Time Online

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