ASUS Plans Own Low-Cost E-Book Reader

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Popular netbook maker ASUS may be setting its eyes on the e-book market after the likes of Amazon (already has Kindle in the market) and Sony as well as Apple have big plans in this tech sector. It has announced that it is planning its own take on what an e-book reader should be like and it is not like the usual ones you might see today.

According to a report fro The Times of London, ASUS is planning to come up with a dual screen device that it will be calling the Eee Reader. Quite a simple name for a device of its kind, you should say. But it has features that many people would really be looking forward to.

From the images that have recently come out, the ASUS Eee Reader initially looks quite an interesting piece worth checking out. It is shaped like a typical netbook that opens on its hinges. But unlike a netbook, it is opened like a tablet, or how you would normally open a book when you read it. And instead of having a keyboard on one side, the Eee Reader sports two displays which support touch screen features.

Its dual screen take on an e-book as well as its more standard design of a typical paper book immediately captures one’s attention. One screen can even sport a virtual keyboard and be used as a netbook which may add to its versatility. It might also sport color displays unlike most monochrome e-book readers available today. Other possible features may include its own webcam, speakers and Internet connectivity. But those features still require official confirmation from the company. 

Another thing that would pretty much attract the consumers to it is its planned price. ASUS, according to The Times article, plans to sell their Eee Reader cheaper than what may be available in the market right now. ASUS plans to have the Eee Reader available for the under US$200 price range. That alone may turn enough heads on the ASUS Eee Reader. ASUS plans on having their new baby out by the end of 2009.

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