Asus PadFone Infinity gets leaked

Asus PadFone Infinity

Asus PadFone Infinity

Asus released three PadFone models over the past years and reviews have been generally positive, even though consumers may find the concept of “a smartphone that attaches to an empty tablet base” too advanced for their liking. The Taiwanese company is said to be coming up with a successor model called Asus PadFone Infinity, but no one could confirm it until one blog leaked images of the upcoming device.

EPrice posted photos of what it claims to be the new Asus PadFone Infinity, which looks just like the current PadFone, except that it also comes with a white model. Like its predecessors, the PadFone Infinity smartphone can be fitted into a tablet base, even if it is from previous models.

The Asus PadFone Infinity will reportedly sport a Snapdragon 800 processor, as well as an uptick on performance efficiency. The photo also indicates a microSD slot placed next to the SIM tray. It is expected to be launched in Taiwan during the third week of September for around US$1,600.

Check out this blog for more updates about the PadFone Infinity in the coming weeks.

Source: Engadget

Image source: ePrice

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