ASUS Padfone Concept: A Smartphone And Tablet Combo

ASUS has introduced another innovative concept of a device during its run at Computek 2011. It is introducing its unique ASUS Padfone concept. It aims to combine the features of a smartphone and a tablet PC to make them work together seamlessly as one or even separately.

The concept behind the ASUS Padfone may lie on the difficulties that users may face when using separate devices in the form of the mobile phone and the tablet, both very popular devices for a majority of people. There can be some limitations regarding the use of both devices in terms of synching, transfer or sharing of files. In the Padfone concept by ASUS, this might be eliminated by having the means to connect the two devices into a single combo device.

The ASUS Padfone concept may allow a smartphone to be connected into a tablet device. This combination may provide certain benefits for users. One is that the smartphone user may have the option to use a larger display for phone files via the tablet. The tablet can also be used as an extended battery for the smartphone when the two are connected. Both devices may now share and transfer files seamlessly. Although it may still be a concept, the ASUS Padfone may offer an interesting take on how it may be possible to merge the features of a smartphone and a tablet and make them work as one.

Image Source: ASUS

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