Asus MyPal A696 PDA

Asus MyPal A696 PDA

Imagine this, lost in an urban jungle with nothing to guide you but your wits. Then suddenly you feel the need to get informed with what is out there. What’s the latest news? Where’s the nearest way to get to the fanciest restaurants in town? Indeed, these are questions that in need of answers. And what a better way to have them solved using your Asus MyPal A696.

It will not be so surprising is you see your Asus MyPal A696 more than what you expect it to be. With a 3.5 inch color screen, you can receive the necessary visuals once you suddenly found yourself lost in the urban jungles out there. Thanks to its built-in GPS. This will also help you pinpoint the location where you are standing as this has satellite technology capability. Call it your personal ‘"e-compmap" (a combination of compass and map).

In addition to those features, the Asus MyPal A696 has Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity and is Wi-Fi capable, giving you access on the internet and surf websites that will give you allow to get the information you wish to have. What can even be more desirable about this is its Exchange Data Rate feature which makes exchange of data instant and delay-free. As this can handle audio and video formats and has a many built-in games, this can be your personal entertainment device.

Now, talk about imagining being lost. You can just dream about it while spending time with your ASUS MyPal A696.

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