Asus MyPal A696 GPS PDA


The Asus MyPal A696 GPS PDA is a highly versatile device aimed for the more discriminating gadget lover. It is not your usual personal digital assistant in the least instance. It offers more features than just a regular PDA in the market.

For one, the Asus MyPal A696 GPS PDA is a palm sized wonder that will help you avoid getting lost. It is an ultra slim gadget, with looks and compact design that might betray the various features it holds inside. This device incorporates full GPS functionality that allows its users to conveniently hone in on the right location without using the printed maps and compass of the past. By making use of satellite technology, the As us My Pal A696 GPS PDA can help pinpoint the user’s precise location as well as provide other valuable trip information. Data is given in its clear 3.5 inch color screen with anti-glare features.

The Asus MyPal A696 GPS PDA is also Wi-Fi capable that allows users to always keep abreast of what’s going on by checking emails and some other on line stuff when in the vicinity of Wi-Fi hot spots. Connectivity with other peripherals is also made possible with its Bluetooth 2.0 as well as Enhanced Data Rate features to allow faster and better data exchange. This wonderful device can also be made into a pocket entertainment device. The Asus MyPal A696 GPS PDA is also capable of playing files in video and audio formats and contains a variety of games to play using this portable platform.

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