ASUS M530W Smartphone


In order to provide business users with the mobility and the versatility of a mobile office, ASUS has designed the new ASUS M530w Smart Phone. Packed with innovative features, the ASUS M530w allows users to send and receive messages instantly anytime, anywhere – providing vital information for users to make important and informed business decisions. It has impressive message Functions and fast transfer speeds. It also contains a plentiful of entertainment functions to ease away the stress of dealing with the job.

ASUS impressive messaging functions include push e-mail which enables simultaneous reception of mails from the user’s office Outlook mail server and the updating of organizers and communication records for easier data management. It also supports various Mail Server systems (POP3, IMAP4, Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry4.0). Even if the user goes abroad, different mail servers will not hinder them from being connected and updated with work mails. In addition, the keyboard is in the QWERTY format.

The high-speed transfer capabilities of ASUS M530W pave doors to a number of multimedia benefits including 3G Video Phone and 3G broadband. The former feature enables users to talk to anyone face to face while the latter makes downloading large multimedia files fast.  It also has a built-in Bluetooth technology that provides freedom of movement.

The phone also has a built-in Business Card Recognition to allow users to use the ASUS M530w´s 2.0 Mega Pixel Auto-Macro camera to capture the details of a business card and avoid tediously keying in the data into the contacts book. No one needs to worry about lost files in case the phone is lost, users can still be able to retain the account number and transfer stored data into another phone. Another built-in, the Clearvue document viewer can read Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF documents.

The phone’s entertainment functions include Windows Live Messenger, 2.0 Mega Pixel camera, Windows Media player and built-in games.

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