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Asus Robot

Asus RobotIn this day and age, technology has greatly changed the way people live their lives. There are now modern devices that can do a number of different functions to make daily tasks easier to do. They offer conveniences that make everyday life more comfortable for many people, if not more enriching. But people still look for more conveniences in other areas in life. If companionship is the convenience that people look for, then technology may also have something to offer. ASUS for its part, introduces the new Zenbo Robot.

ASUS has recently delved into robotics and initial result of its work comes in the form of the new ASUS Zenbo Robot. This robot is designed to provide assistance for just about any member of the household. This home robot has features capable of providing assistance, entertainment as well as companionship for each member of the household.

The Zenbo Robot can be used to look after senior members of the family and look after their health and welfare by being the digital watchdog in the house when all the other household members are away. It can be used to remind people about taking their medication and even alert others through smartphones as a response if the Zenbo Robot senses certain emergency situations. People can also use it to remind them of appointments, exercise schedules or any other tasks that one needs to be reminded of.

Children can use the Zenbo Robot for entertainment, education as well as a friend. It is also capable of  using social media, stream videos, record movies, making video calls, and do online shopping using voice commands and guided help. It can even be a part of a smart home and connects to other smart home devices that users can control remotely via their smartphones and tablets. Based on these and other functions, the new ASUS Zenbo Robot has quite a promising future, considering that ASUS has also tasked its partners to develop other enriching features as well as for its growing number of connected devices. The new ASUS Zenbo Robot was launched at the recent Computex 2016, along with the other new ASUS products. No pricing and availability details have yet been provided.

Image Source: ASUS

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