Asus EeePC 1000 Laptop

EeePC 1000 Computex

The EeePC series from Asus has ushered in a new breed of laptops.  Starting with the EeePC 701, it had the basics for productivity, web, portability and affordability.

However, with the success of the 701 and its compatibility with Windows XP, the EeePC 901 came out correcting everything that was wrong with the 701.  Of course the price was still in the sub $600’s to make it qualify as "low-cost".

Anyway, with regular Quad Core  powered laptops going for at least $700, Asus introduced an Atom-based machine that was a UMPC and a ULCPC for not more than $700, the EeePC 1000.  It has not been released yet but it sure does sound like a better buy.

So what’s new?  Well, from the 901, Asus upped the ante a lot.  Actually, looking at the specs, the EeePC 1000 and EeePC 1000, are in a completely different class.  Furthermore, the EeePC1000 has specs that rival the laptops in the Core Duo era.  Good enough.

"Up to 7.8-hours of battery (3.2-hours minimum!), 802.11n, Bluetooth, and 1.3 megapixel camera as we already knew. What’s more, the 10.2-inch 1000-series features either a 40GB SSD on the Linux-based 1000 or 80GB traditional hard disk on the XP or Linux-based 1000H." [Engadget]

Pricing is as promised, still cheap.  The 901, 1000 and 100H go for, $559, $625 and $658 respectively.

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