ASUS Eee PC 901 Gets Connectivity Speed Boost

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To create the ultimate travel communication device, Asus decided to include 3.75G wireless connectivity on their already wildly popular notebook EeePC.  he inclusion of 3.75G is a perfect addition to the Eee PC’s existing set of travel-friendly features such as its high portability, shockproof data storage and all-day battery life—strengthening its reputation as the ultimate solution for computing on the go.

"With 3.75G, the Eee PC™ will be able to deliver on its promise of borderless one-day computing better than ever before. No longer bound to Internet hotspots, 3.75G-equipped Eee PC™ users will be able to enjoy low latency mobile broadband Internet access at high downlink and uplink speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and 2 Mbps respectively, regardless of where they are—ensuring a seamless connected experience on the go. The Eee PC’s™ 7.5-hour battery life provides more than ample power to keep it up and running during extended outdoor excursions." [Asus News]

The 3.75G connectivity will first appear on the EeePC 901 starting October 2008.  However, 3.75G is dependent on a wireless carrier. This means that the hardware is there internally but access to the wireless network remains, like before, a subscription and dependent on the carrier and country if available.

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