Asus Eee PC 900 Gets Reviewed

The past week, Asus launched their solution in providing cheap and mobile internet, the Eee PC.  The ultra poortable device from Asus has a 7-inch LCD, 900Mhz Celeron CPU, 4GB flash drive and 1GB RAM and Linux OS.  The $299 price tag knocks off all its competition.  This week it’s reviewed.

Performance wise the review could not be more generous, "Overall performance was pretty snappy, even though this machine uses a Celeron processor. Most apps loaded quickly, and the 512MB of RAM is more than sufficient for an operating system with such little overhead. A mere 4GB of storage space tells you that the Eee PC isn’t going to be your primary digital media vault out of the box, but you can easily augment that capacity with an external drive. Plus, that 4GB solid state drive can withstand being dropped by Junior."

With the Eee PC’s meager processor it acheives this great proformance by using a Linux OS and all other open source applications which usually eat up less computing power.  However, finding and installing new applications for the device may be difficult.

All in all, the Asus Eee PC  performs epspecially well for Web2.0 applications despite the size of its LCD, it was able to run Ajax and Flash websites just lie any other laptop.  In the price department, the Eee PC is unbeatable at $299.  Though its OS is not familiar, it’s still easy to use and pretty much very ideal for a novice or somebody looking for a secondary device or a comprehensive mobile internet device.

Now I’m definitely going to get me one! 

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