Asus EEE Keyboard

Asus EEE Keyboard

Asus has been known for bringing the most innovative computer products to date.  During the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, the people behind Asus revealed its latest pet project, a fully-functional PC crammed inside a QWERTY keyboard.

The Asus EEE Keyboard is powered by Intel Atom processor and has a wide selection of USB and video ports around the back, with solid state hard disk and Wi-Fi connectivity.  The keyboard also has a 5-inch touch screen at the side, displaying a suite of media controls or a Windows desktop, as well as an Ultra-Wideband Wireless HDMI port, which can be used for streaming films and video from the keyboard to your HDTV.

The idea behind integrating a PC inside a keyboard is that you do not need an additional computer monitor to perform.  All you need is to attach your integrated keyboard with a high-definition television and it is as good as a monitor, thereby saving money and space.  The EEE keyboard is expected to have a battery life of about three hours.  Although an optical drive is not included in this keyboard, Asus told the tech press that a range of themed peripherals will be launched following the EEE keyboards official release, allegedly in September 2009.

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