Asus Cine5 PC Speaker

Asus has come up with a new set of PC speakers that it has called as the world’s most compact five channel PC speaker. Asus calls it the Cine5 PC speaker and is designed to provide users with an accurate 5-channel surround sound despite its compact size. It is quite a capable yet compact PC speaker that can provide quality surround sound in your personal space and would be quite ideal for PC gaming or even watching movies.

What makes the Asus Cine5 quite unique is that it is a speaker where an array of speaker drivers are integrated into a single bar design. This helps save space as well as avoid the complexities of installing multiple speaker sets. It has an output level of 15W RMS at 25W maximum sound level. Availability of the Asus Cine5 PC speakers is expected this year. No news yet on how much it will cost.

Image Source: Asus

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