Astro Gaming MixAmp 5.8

Wired headsets can sometimes be a problem when you play video games. It might limit your degree of movement as well as how much you may enjoy the gaming experience. But it is still possible to make your wired headset into some kind of a wireless system with the Astro Gaming MixAmp 5.8.

the Astro MixAmp 5.8 is a unique device that can turn your wired headset into a wireless system for better gaming. It works by providing wireless 5.8GHz support that avoids the usual 2.4GHz spectrum of other wireless devices. Just connect your headset into MixAmp Receiver module and the base to your gaming system and you have set up a wireless sound system that can support up to 4 separate Receiver units. It also provides Surround Sound features for for a better audio gaming experience. The Astro Gaming MixAmp 5.8 is available at Astro Gaming for US$130.

Image Source: Astro Gaming

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