Astro A30 Cross Gaming Headset

There are quite a lot of gamer headsets designed specifically to cater to a certain user segment. There are headsets made for PC gamers, for console and mobile users. But there are quite a few designed that can be used to cross over these various uses. One of them is the Astro A30 Cross Gaming Headset.

Most gamers would usually be using different headsets if they are to play on their gaming consoles or their portables. The Astro A30 Cross Gaming Headset is designed for use on these different platforms of gaming as well as other forms of digital entertainment. This unique headset features balanced and dynamic audio quality that works well over various digital platforms from gaming and even to music and movies. The Astro A30 headset also features a dual mic system composed of a removable boom mic for PC and console gaming as well as a wired inline mic that can be used for taking calls on mobile phones.

The Astro A30 Cross Gaming Headset also comes with 3 swappable cables for console and PC gaming as well as for use with mobile devices. It features a comfortable and stylish design that makes it quite ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. The Astro A30 Cross Gaming Headset is available at Astro Gaming for US$150.

Image Source: Astro Gaming

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