Assault Rifle Parts Come Straight Out of 3D Printers

Now this is scary. One guy managed to make an assault rifle using a 3D printer, raising questions about the “gray areas” of technology.

An amateur gunsmith who goes by the code name “HaveBlue” claimed to have successfully printed functioning AR-15 rifle parts, using blueprints from CNC Gunsmithing (the maker of AR-45) for reference. HaveBlue added that the result looks mostly like the real thing, albeit “a few kinks.” HaveBlue even claimed that he was able to fire 200 rounds using the part-plastic gun without any sign of wear and tear.

Commenters on Dvice, meanwhile, pointed out that what HaveBlue actually printed was the lower receiver portion of the AR-15 and assembled it onto the upper chassis of a .22 caliber pistol.

HaveBlue’s creation also served as a challenge to 3D printing sharing sites like Thingiverse on whether they would object to him publishing his weapon design online, where anyone with a 3D printer can download. While Thingiverse allowed HaveBlue to post his creations, the website stopped short in sharing weapon designs.

Source: Extreme Tech, via Dvice

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