Arrive App Keeps Track Of Your Online Purchases Until They Reach You

People who have tried purchasing online knows just how exciting and risky it can be. Whether you have done your homework when it comes to making legit online purchases, there is always that risk of whether your package can arrive on time. Some people can worry about it until the purchased package finally reaches their doorstep. The Arrive app can help reduce that worry and concern whenever one awaits for a package purchased online.

The Arrive app is a package tracker that can automatically monitor any online purchase made across popular online retailers such as Amazon, Wish, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart, Macy’s, and more. With just a single tap, the app can automatically sync with your online purchases and then provides accurate minute-by-minute updates on the journey a package makes from the retailer down to your doorstep. Users can even follow a live interactive map of the journey.

The Arrive app can also provide alerts and notifications when the package is set to be received. The app not only supports many of the popular online retailers but also over 400 carriers that may be bringing the package to your door. Users can even enjoy post delivery features in instances where a delivery return may be needed. Contacting a store or a carrier is only one tap away from the Arrive app. It is a valuable tool for avid online store customers to have. It is available at the App Store for free download on iOS 10.3 devices and up.

Image Source:    App Store


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