Aros: Finally, a smart air conditioner

Aros smart air conditioner

Aros smart air conditioner

There are so many window-type air conditioners in the market, none of them stand out from the crowd until now. Finally, the “smart appliance” trend has crept into A/Cs as Quirky, best known for making flexible power strips, has partnered with General Electric to come up with Aros smart air conditioner.

Unlike other air conditioners, Aros can be connected to the Internet via WiFi so you can control the temperature using Quirky’s smart home app Wink. The device can churn out 8,000 BTU (8,440.45 kilojoules), enabling it to cool a room measuring 350 square feet. At $300, however, this smart air conditioner does not come cheap.

Aros features capacitive touch controls and redesigned air vents, which are placed to take in hot air instead of air that has already cooled. The connection with the Internet also allows the device to track energy costs and lets you see how much money you have spent.

Aros smart air conditioner

It even helps you set a budget on how much money you want to spend on air conditioning in a given month and the Aros will work its way from there. This budget-saving feature comes handy in hotter months like July and August. It also keeps track on weather forecast and determines when you want the cool air the most.

The Aros smart air conditioner is now available for pre-order, with shipping expected in early May.

Source: Slate

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