Armour39 Fitness Monitoring System

There are quite a number of fitness devices out there for people who like to monitor their fitness performance and results. The different devices play different roles in trying to provide the most accurate tracking and monitoring of one’s fitness activities. One of the is the Armour39 Fitness Monitoring System from Under Armour.

The Armour39 Fitness Monitoring System is unique in that it help inform users just how hard they work out. It consists of a module, a chest strap and a smartphone app to provide users an effective as well as a convenient means of monitoring levels of fitness. It monitors every essential fitness factors and provide the information in real time using the mobile app.

The Armour39 Fitness Monitoring System is composed of the Armour39 Module which gathers the biometric info of the user and then wirelessly transmit the data into the mobile app. The module takes fitness data such as heart rate, calories burned, real time intensity and other essential data. The module is highly responsive and is designed to keep in close contact with your body in order to get the precise measurements. The module can transmit data within 15 feet away of the display device via Bluetooth.

The other important part of the Armour39 Fitness Monitoring System is the Chest Strap. This unique device comes with sensing pads that detect the body’s biometric information and then transmit the readings to the Armour39 Module. Made out of nylon and spandex, the Armour39 Chest Strap can be adjusted to fit a ribcage that measures from 27″ to 52″ in circumference. The Armour39 mobile app completes the system with giving users the convenience of checking their vital fitness stats using their smartphones. It displays all the vital fitness info in a single device that users can examine to determine fitness improvements and results over time. The app can store up to 120 days of fitness data and is compatible with iOS devices with Android compatibility also in the works. The Armour39 Fitness Monitoring System is available at Under Armour for US$162.

Image Source: Under Armour


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