Armed Game App For Windows Phone and Surface Tablets

Windows Phone as well as the Windows Surface tablet have provided Microsoft with entry into the mobile device market. And just like others who came before it, success for the new entry into the mobile world seems to depend not only on the features that the devices offer but also on the wealth of apps that it offers. And since Windows-based mobile devices has just entered into the market, app choices may still be relatively few and far in between. But developers are trying to catch up in developing more and more apps based on the Windows platform for mobile devices. One of them is the Armed game app for Windows Phone and the recently introduced Windows Surface tablets.

The Armed game app for Windows mobile devices is a futuristic turn-based war game that enables users to take advantage of the touch features of iOS smartphones as well as that of the newer Windows tablets. This multiplayer strategy game gives players command of a fleet of tanks, robots and turrets. The main goal is to infiltrate enemy territory, defeat their forces and destroy their base before the enemy does. Players can either play against the computer or against friends.

The Armed game app for Windows-based portable devices offer seven maps to play in. each player has a choice of 13 defensive and offensive units that they can command to battle. The intricate artwork and graphics help make the game quite fun and engaging to play. The Armed game app for Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices is available at the Windows Store for free download.

Image Source: Windows Store

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