Armarac Server Room

armarac server room 

Armarac Systems is one of the world’s best environmental controlled, wall mount enclosure rack mount computer and network equipment. It is mounted vertically and it has been the favorite to use in warehouses, factories, retail outlets, franchise operations, distribution centers and branch offices.

The system protects and enclosures the equipments, products of a certain company very well. Its security measures are superb and one of a kind as it looks at the equipments environment as well. It has a networking equipment or UPS’s, 1U brackets for mount servers and a 2U 19in slot in the mounted bracket on the wall for cabling patch panels.

What I like the most with this kind of server room aside from its being useful and effective is the fact that it is also very much stylish and attractive for any warehouse, office, warehouse and or stockroom. The cable management of the server is for networking and KVM and is integrated for power. A very stylish way to be safe.

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