Arkema Solar Shower System

The Arkema Solar Shower System is a unique concept borne out of the need for more energy conservation. It aims to help reduce the need for conventional energy sources at home and make use of cleaner, renewable energy for certain functions such as heating water for showers. And this concept really does seem quite interesting.

What the Arkema Solar Shower System aims to do is provide warm water for showers using solar-powered heating. Pictured here is the D271 version which does not require an electrical connection to work according to the Arkema Design site. It is designed for use as a public shower system mainly for use outdoors such as on the beach or camping establishments. No mention yet on how much it costs or if it is already available. But by the looks of it, this Arkema Solar Shower System can really get some attention both through its design as well as function.

Image Source: Arkema Design

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