Ariete Toaster Brunch

People sometimes just can’t master the art of toasting the perfect bread. While some may experience having burnt toast for breakfast all of the time, having a great bread toaster also helps. For those who wish to eat a good set of toasted bread for size, the Ariete Toaster Brunch will make a good choice.

The Ariete Toaster Brunch comes in an elegant yet stylish retro design that also provides a wide range of functions when it comes to toasting bread. Six browning settings allow for choices of toasting for different bread sizes. Automatic ejection ensures that the bread does not stay inside and get burned. It comes with a set of cages with plastic ends to ensure that handlers do not get burned fingertips or buzzed with electricity. The Ariete Toaster Brunch is available at Ariete for US$40.

Image Source: Ariete

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