Arctic Breeze USB Fan

Summer is just about here and it is time to face some of the heat. Your own PC has its own cooling system so why not have your own? You may want to check out the Arctic Breeze from Arctic Cooling which might give you just the breeze that you need.

The Arctic Breeze is a portable fan that you can place in your PC table to keep you feel fresh during the summer. It is a 92 mm fan that is made out of the cooling fans that you find inside your own PC system. It can be plugged into the PC’s USB port and then you can enjoy having some air into your room while using your trusted home computer. This fan is ultra-quiet so you do not have to worry about being bothered while playing your favorite PC game or just surfing on the Net.

The Arctic Breeze has a 1.5-meter roll up cable to allow you many options on where to place this handy USB fan. It also has an adjustable neck to allow you to adjust it in a way so as to provide the best possible cooling position.  This USB fan will work just as well connected to your notebook or laptop and might provide you with some cooling system wherever you go.

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